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Why Nudwear?

"We kept hearing from women that the adhesive bra concept available on the market either doesn't work or is simply unattractive. Nudwear listened."

Astrid Montalta Unwalla, Founder

We use an advanced medical grade German adhesive proven to have the longest adhesive power and wearable up to 100 times.
Beautiful seamless lace designs over 100% silicone cups that contour with your body for a secure fit, extra push-up and comfort.
Nudwear products come in a compact, travel-friendly case, supporting you on-the-go.

Comfortable & Secure Fit

We use an advanced, medical grade adhesive from Germany that is proven to have the longest staying power, so you can be confident that your bra will stay on all day and all night, no matter what the occasion. Because the Nudwear backless bra is wire-free it is incredibly comfortable to wear and eliminates that unwanted bra bulge giving you a seamless silhouette.


Wear up to 5 times

Wear up to 20 times

Wear up to 100 times

...and let’s face it, it looks amazing.

Silicone Vs. Cloth Cups

Our cups are made of premium grade silicone that contour to your breasts, molding to your unique shape for a perfect fit, unlike traditional fabric tick-on bras. We've differentiated our bras from those that only have sticky side wings. The silicone bra cups are fully lined with adhesive for maximum adhesion, giving you a secure fit that never loosens or falls down. Nudwear's unique design gives you the most secure fit for the maximum duration than any other backless adhesive bras in the market.

Travel Friendly

Nudwear products come in a compact, multi-purpose travel-friendly case, supporting you on-the-go. The prefect gift!

The Bra has evolved All because of you


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