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About Us

Astrid Montalta

"We kept hearing from women that the adhesive bra concept available on the market either doesn't work or is simply unattractive. Nudwear listened."
- Astrid Montalta Unwalla, Founder



Our Story

Nudwear is a brand inspired by todays boss babes who have the drive, ambition and determination to go after their dreams. We are today’s modern women, we don’t settle, we are unstoppable.

Astrid Unwalla founded Nudwear on her belief that women should never have to settle. She felt that the existing market solutions to this long-running décolletage dilemma simply did not work, had no aesthetics whatosever and are infamously compared to raw chicken fillets. That's correct. Existing brassierie, compared to 'chicken fillets'. We at Nudwear believed that it had to be better than this. We can't just settle for a sub-standard backless bra that is non-functional, uncomfortable and unattractive.

We have re-defined the backless bra. Next stop, the world.

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