November 01, 2017

Do you roll out of bed looking effortlessly gorgeous?

If you’re not Beyonce then unfortunately you’re like me- the average female. When you wake up others stare at your hair and contemplate if you were electrocuted in your sleep. I’ve been there and have groundbreaking news. You can pull off being glamorous all day and all night, like the characters in the movies we watched throughout our childhood. Here are a few pointers on how you can SLAY before and after bedtime.

1. Keep your Eyes and Ears Covered 

The only time you should experience a bright room is when you’re walking through it. I know it’s hard to go “to the dark side” when it’s bedtime, but it’s a must. There’s nothing worse than excessive noise or a bright bedroom and more than likely you’ve faced these nighttime challenges before. The good news is you can combat these conditions with a sleep mask and ear plugs. Research shows that sleeping with a sleep mask and earplugs can lead to the production of higher levels of melatonin, less sleep disturbances, and deep sleep. 

SlipSilk Eye Mask $45




When you shop for sleepwear, it goes beyond fabric. Fit matters and to ensure that you’re comfortable while you sleep we recommend looser sleepwear. The Founder of Nudwear, Astrid Montalta was on a mission to provide comfortable sleepwear that would not only make someone feel sexy, but provide movability while sleeping. When it comes to the world of fabrics, Silk is a magical thermoregulator. It will keep you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot... mind blowing, I know. 

Nudwear Silk Slip Dress $95

Nudwear Navy Silk Slip Dress

 100% Charmeuse Silk, which is softer than regular silk.

Nudwear Kimono Robe and Slip Dress-navy

Nudwear Silk Kimono Robe $245

Nudwear Peach Silk Kimono Robe

 Traditional Japanese haori sleeves- will totally give you LUXURIOUS feels

Nudwear Silk Kimono Robe Peach

Nudwear Short White Lace Kimono $95

Nudwear Short Lace Kimono Robe- White

Yes, it comes in black too... 

Nudwear Long Black Lace Kimono Robe


3. Remove Make up

Don’t freak out. Most women are DIE HARD addicted to certain makeup- usually you’re either addicted/can’t give up foundation or mascara. If you fall under either of those categories I have a few solutions for you.

4. Eyelash extensions have changed my life.

You look flawless 24/7. Either route you take, use an Oil Free Makeup Remover.

First Set: $100-200 // $50-$100 monthly 

 Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation ($36)

This hypo-allergenic foundation gives you natural radiance and matte coverage in a weightless, flake-free powder. Reduces redness and unevenness.

5. Moisturizer 

If you're like me and have oily, acne-prone skin you might think that there's no need to moisturize. False- moisturizer can actually help save your skin. When you don't moisturize your sebaceous glands work OVER TIME, which produces oil.

Fresh Lotus Preserve Face Cream $45

Consider this Youth in a Jar 


Eye creams are formulated with caffeine, which reduces puffiness, and niacin-amide, which increases moisture levels. That way your skin won't dry out and you can prevent/post-pone wrinkles. 

Misa Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream (R) $45

Misa Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream- The Art of Comfy Slay


A queen can't rest her precious head on just any peasantry pillow. Cotton grabs your hair at the root throughout the night, damaging hair and causing bed-head in the morning, whereas SlipSilk allows your hairstyle/blow-dry to last overnight. 
SlipSilk Pillowcase- The Art of Comfy Slay-Nudwear

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