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 It's officially winter, which means you've revamped your wardrobe and replaced summer pieces with winter styles. 

If your current wardrobe could use a little TLC, don't worry. I find it refreshing to organize and replace all my garments with new looks for the season, but it can be a tad overwhelming. I always start by getting rid of the worst offenders (why the hell did I ever buy this/I never wear this) and add my seasonal essentials. If you're a boss babe like me, the main reason we do this every season is to make "getting ready" easier. You're probably shaking your head thinking, "Is it even possible to make getting ready easier". The answer is YES. By following these simple tips below you can decrease the amount of time it takes for you to get ready and decrease the stress. Trust me, I understand the importance of maintaining a flawless lifestyle.

Set your Standards High 

If you're used to have an overflowing closet and drawers with way too many choices, think hard about whether you actually need those items that much or whether you've been sacrificing quality for quantity. It's time to give your closet a detox. I'm not saying that you should own as few pieces as possible, but you've got to stop playing the "but I need this for" card excuse not to throw out imperfect, worn out pieces. Always remember, there's no point in owning imperfect items just for the sake of having a full closet. Once your wardrobe goes through a detox it's time to organize and prepare to utilize/wear everything in your closet. 

Wardrobe Malfunction Battle Kit

Always prepare for the worst, when you want to look the best. I mean who would "go out on the town" and not bring the key essentials to freshen up as the night progresses? I mean, if you've made it out without having to reapply lipstick after a few martinis please personally email me and I will send you a trophy. My point being, you should never plan to wear an outfit if you don't have the proper tools to make sure you and the outfit is functional. 
Nudwear Nipple Covers- Travel Case

Fashion Tape

Double-sided fashion tape is a mainstay in every stylist's emergency kit. I consider my daily walk in life the red carpet, which means this tool is KEY to my wardrobe.
Nudwear Fashion Tape
 Nudwear Fashion Tape empowers you to wear any style of clothing easier and with confidence. This easy-to-use, clear double-stick tape is your secret to preventing everyday malfunctions and specially formulated to be gentle on the skin. It's time to hold your clothing where you need it to stay! 
Nudwear Fashion Tape- Rose Gold Dispenser


Nipple Covers

Let's get real. There's most likely garments in your wardrobe that you can't wear with a bra. You gaze upon this article of clothing and fantasize about wearing it, but then all the sudden you come back to reality and realize there's no way you will be able to rock that outfit since you can't go braless. I carry many pieces in my wardrobe that have a particularly low back, sheer, or even backless. 
Nudwear Nipple Covers- Waterproof
My point being, you must have a pair of Nudwear Daisies available in your drawer. That way you can rock any style without hesitation. Plus, nip slips are never a good look. Am I right?! 
Nudwear Waterproof Nipple Covers


Covering every inch of your Style Concept 

For bras, I'd say the absolute minimum is four, although that depends on how many different kinds of tops and dresses you own. Besides your standard collection of bras, there's a few styles that won't make the cut. Without a doubt you will have at least a couple pieces in your closet that you can't wear with everyday bra. What does one pray to the boob gods for? 

Adhesive Bra 

Adhesive Bras are ideal for backless or low back dresses or tops. I've had my fair share of bad experiences when it comes to Adhesive Bras. For the standalone reason that they wouldn't stick. I finally tried a Nudwear Adhesive Bra and could tell the difference the moment I opened the box.
Nudwear Adhesive Bra- Wardrobe Styling
First off, it comes in this awesome travel case- why don't other brands do this? It honestly blows by mind. Of course I need a travel case for my adhesive bra. Where the hell else would I store this bra? It's impossible to find storage that won't contain mini particles to latch onto it.  I also needed one that actually STUCK. Half the time I would end up throwing my ex adhesive bras against a wall by the end of the night. Nudwear Adhesive Bras have strong enough adhesive to keep my tatas hoisted up and give a nice round shape from all angles. Make the jump. 
Nudwear Adhesive Silicone Bra



There's nothing more stressful than choosing "what to wear". Especially when you have an unlimited amount of options, but don't want to wear any of them. Just like the clothing in your closet the mindset is, "quality over quantity". 
Nudwear Seamless White Thong
You should use this exact "quality over quantity" motto when organizing and revamping your underwear drawer. Underwear can not only make or break an outfit, the right pieces will also do wonders for your style from the inside, by boosting your confidence and comfort levels.  You also need to make sure that the underwear in your drawer will seamlessly go with most of your clothing
Nudwear French Kiss Seamless Thong
 "French Kiss" Seamless Thong is literally the PERFECT addition to your intimates. Designed with scalloped lace, super sexy G-string, semi sheer, elastic waistband that stretches to four times its size (mind blowing, I know), along with wicking & natural anti bacterial micro modal lined gusset. Plus it comes in three different colors: white, black and nude.
Nudwear Seamless G String


Enhance your outfit 

 These are designed to give women major benefits in improving the size and appearance of your breast. When you feel confident and comfortable it shows, which is exactly why you can't be scared to try products that ENHANCE your appearance and style.  These enhancers will add one to two cup sizes to your current size. Now is the chance to create a more beautiful bustline by giving an added lift, fullness or cleavage. 
Nudwear Breast Enhancers


Laundry Routine 
The best wardrobe is one that isn't taken for granted. The key to maintaining a functioning and boujee wardrobe is to CARE about each garment. You can preserve your favorite outfits and lingerie by following these simple laundry routine tips.
Don't wash something at 40 degrees if the limit on the label is 30 and hand wash if an item needs to be hand wished. Besides that, just stick to a few of these tips: Never tumble dry your underwear or leave it on the radiator. Make sure to lay your bras flat when drying or hang from the center of the cups- NOT from the straps. ALWAYS hand wash lacy, delicate items and avoid hot temperatures. Another good habit to start is placing items that can be machine-washed in a laundry mesh bag. This will help prevent your garments from getting tangled. Another KEY point I would like to make is that you need to make sure all the water isn't "sitting heavy" in any of your garments. SQUEEZE. 
Kate Spade to Wear and to Wash- Nudwear Wardrobe Blog


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