October 09, 2017 3 min read

The malfunction, the myth, the legend: the inevitable “nip-slip.” We’ve all been victim to full on nip-slips of our own, and here’s the lesson we’ve learned → playing hide-and-go-peek with your nips is too risky to risk. It happened to Lil Kim & it can happen to you.

Daisies aka Nipple Covers 

Waterproof, sweat proof, reusable up-to 40 times #MICDROP. These are the pasties of all pasties. Wear them to the gym under a sports bra, or under a cute swimsuit for a day at the beach, (especially when those cute guys ask you to come and play some beach volleyball). Our daisies nipple covers are easy, adorable, COMFORTABLE. With their soft texture and reliable wear-life, these daisies will always have your back, and they’ll also have your front. Plus they come in a super cute travel case.


Adhesive Bra 

Let’s face the facts, no one wants to play peek-a-boo with their second most private parts during a girls night out. It’s time that we rise together and put an end to the inevitable nip-slip. There’s a 50% chance that your wardrobe consist of BANGIN’ dresses and tops that you’re DYING to wear out, but haven’t been able to, for the FEAR of showing your breast and/or nipples. Which is why you’ve probably tried an adhesive bra that resembles an uncooked chicken breast. Well babes, the “Boob Gods” have heard your cry, which is why we developed an backless strapless bra that is not only sexy, but DOES WHAT YOU WANT IT TO.
This is THE BEST backless-strapless bra on the market that simply put, doesn’t suck. Now you have the chance to purchase a beautifully designed bra, with medical grade German adhesive (you know how Germans are CRAY about perfection), and soft gel bra cups that mold to your breast.
Olivia Backless Strapless Bra


Fashion Tape

If you haven’t exposed yourself to fashion tape yet, well here’s your sign from God, you’ve been looking for. Every babe should use double stick fashion tape to hold your bikini, bra, AND/OR panties in place. That way you can confidently go out in public with no fear of having a #NIPSLIP.

Tip: From experience I'd say to apply very little lotion (absolutely no oil) to prevent the tape from fusing to your skin and ripping it off. My skin didn't peel but it was red when it lacked any moisture at all under the tape. Overall, it does the trick! Plus our Fashion Tape comes in a stylish, elegant, rose gold, glass dispenser- yes, this was designed for you.

Fashion Tape & Dispenser


Safety Pin

Grandma knows best, right? The timeless, safety pin has saved our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmother's wardrobe malfunctions. I would consider this an option when you’re outfit should’ve been altered, but you didn’t have time. Most likely you’re already using daisies or an adhesive bra + fashion tape… and if you’re still crying to the “Boob Gods” for help- go get yourself some safety pins girl.

The Nip Slip Test

Do yourself a favor before you go out in public and take the most important evaluation:
Stand in front of a mirror, preferably full length.
Can you see your nipple(s) when you:
Pose sideways for a pic (add selfie arm)
Bend forward to pick something up
Let your posture sink as your would while laughing (add clapping or clasp hands)
Raise your hands sky high
Stand straight

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