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Qu. Nud Bra - How do I choose the right size?


It is a common misconception that a larger band size means the bra will fit larger breasts. In fact the band size or numerical value in the bra size (ex. 32, 34, 36, etc) has nothing to do with the cup size (ex. A, B, C, D). The band refers to the circumference or measurement of your chest while the cup size refers to the actual size of your individual breasts. The Nuditi Bra has no bands, straps or back enclosures, therefore only your cup size is important. Follow these easy steps to accurately measure your cup size.

1. Determine your Band size first, you need this to determine your Cup size.

- Take a tape measure and wrap it around your rib cage just below your bust. The tape measure should sit where an underwire would go on a bra and be close fitting around your body.

- Add five inches to the measurement. This number will become your band size for a bra. If the measurement is 27 inches your band size is 32. If the number is odd, go up to the next even number for a correct size.

2. Determine your Cup size

- Measure around your bust at the fullest point. This is generally directly over your nipples. Double check to make sure the tape measure goes straight around you and isn't too tight.

- Subtract the measurements in Step 1 from Step 2. The difference will be your cup size. For example, if your bust measurement is 34 and your band size is 32 the difference is two. If the difference is 1 inch you wear an A cup, if the difference is 2 inches you wear a B cup. Add a letter for each additional inch and choose the Nuditi Bra in the size that matches your cup size.

Qu. How do I wear my Nud Bra?


- Wash your skin with mild soap and water.

- Make sure the area is dry and free from moisturisers, this is important to preserve the stick-on quality and achieve the maximum effect.

- In front of the mirror, position the cup to your desired breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to your breast. Repeat the same application on your other breast. Make sure both sides are equal in height.

- Connect the front clasp on the bra to pull the individual sides together. For maximum cleavage, place the cups as far apart on your breasts as possible in a lifting position and secure the clasp.

Qu. How many times can I wear the stick-on products?

Answer: With proper care, you can wear them up to 100 times.

Qu. Are the stick-on Nud Bra and Nipple Covers waterproof?

Answer: The Nud Bra and Nippies nipple covers are water resistant so it doesn't matter if you sweat or get wet. Our special adhesive is water resistant so you can feel confident our products will stay on all night. Feel free to dance the night away!

Qu. What are they made from?

Answer: Our bras, fillers and nipple covers are made from BodTECH™, our unique 100% clear soft silicone gel formula that moulds to the contours of your body for a natural look and feel.

Qu. Does the stick-on adhesive hurt?

Answer: No. All of our stick-on products are completely ouchless. We recommend slowly peeling off the Nud Bra and Nippies upon removal, but this should be simple and pain-free.

Qu. How do I look after my stick-on bras and nipple covers?


- Gently hand wash after every use with mild soap and lukewarm water. Do not leave to soak in water.

- After washing let your Nud Bra or Nippies simply air-dry.

- Once your Nud Bra™ or Nippies have dried, place the clear plastic film over the sticky side of the cup, do not allow any air pockets. If you have lost the clear plastic film, simply use normal kitchen cling-film. Gently place it back in its casing. Keep free of dust and impurities which can reduce the adhesive's effectiveness.

Qu. How should I store Nudwear products?

Answer: In the casing provided, in normal room temperature.

Qu. What if I no longer have the bra or nipple cover protective film and case? How do I store my products?

Answer: If you no longer have the protective film or case, you can protect your Nippies and Nud Bra™ by covering them with a clean plastic film such as saran wrap or a plastic bag. Keep the stickly part of your Nippies and Nud Bra™ protected from dust, fibers, or any residue that can reduce the adhesives effectiveness.

Qu. How do I wash my Seamless Undies?

Answer: Wash by hand in lukewarm or cold water with mild detergent to extend the life of your panty. Delicate wash cycle may also be used. We also reccomend air drying for best results.